1. Bubbl.us – a brainstorming creator

2. WordPress – website and blog developer.

3. Wolfram Alpha – information search tool.

4. Prezi – Like a Powerpoint but on the internet. More interactive using zoom. Can add audio (you’re talking aswell as background music). Children love it, you could make one to stimulate student or you could get students to make one of there own (much more engaging than power point).

5. Survey monkey – create surveys that could be used in the classroom e.g. feedback on lessons. make sure questions are relevant to age.

6. pixlr – a photo editor very similar to Photoshop. features are free.

7. creative commons – gain non copyright images.

8. voci

9. google news archives can be used to find articles from before a certain date. Eg. Type in your birthdate and see what was happening 30 years before you were born.

10. sportsplan

11. text2mindmap


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