‘Digital Native’- Week 1

There is a growing body of evidence that makes the notion ‘digital native’ a little more complex, and highlights the complexities of young people’s technology experiences. I agree with this point in the article and feel the term ‘digital native’ is just assumed by many people. Yes, the younger generation would have more of an upbringing in technology and a better idea of how to use different technological devices, but there are many baby boomers, for example, that are very good with computers. What would they be labeled? From my experiences I feel that ‘digital native’ is used as an excuse for many older people. They sometimes feel as if they have no chance at learning new things about technology because it is something that only the younger generation participates in.

Another point that I would like to make, is that technology can negatively influence a child learning, as well as positively improve it. For example, the use of spell check now on phones and computers can allow children to think that they do not need to know how to spell correctly because the computer will fix errors they make. I believe this is not a good attitude to display. On a positive note using technology can enhance learning by all the different influential programs that can make learning basic things a more realistic approach because they can see how it may help them later on in life.


One thought on “‘Digital Native’- Week 1

  1. I agree with your points regarding the positive and negative implications of young people participating in technology. I also found that the article was explaining that if we define a ‘digital native’ as one who was born into the technological age, what do we call those born earlier, but are just as tech savvy?

    Great Job, Ellen!

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