A bridge too far? Explaining beginning teachers’ use in Australian Schools

GA_PRICTHeaderImage__1ICT use in the classroom is now days a very popular tool to help children engage in material that they are learning. Because it is a ‘new’ aspect of classroom life I see how it is necessary to educate those teachers who have been teaching in the classroom for 30+ years on how to correctly utilise it. Many teachers who are from an older generation struggle to even use computers let alone electronic whiteboard and Ipads! To ensure this happens I would suggest the school does a course maybe once a year for those teachers who struggle. The problem does not stop there, as well as not being able to use the technology some teachers will struggle how to use the technology effectively. There is no point using an Ipad in your classroom if the students are learning nothing from it. As said in previous blogs, in order for technology to effectively be used the teachers must combine knowledge of the content, knowledge of teaching and knowledge of the technology. If this guide is used technology use will be a success. Again this method could be shown to teachers during a course.

Teachers who have been teaching for 30+ years sometimes have the attitude that ICT is too difficult to use and not reliable enough, so therefore they just do not use it all together. This can have a major impact on the children in the classroom. Because technology is such a big part of our lives now and will most likely be used in future jobs, for example, when it is not used in the classroom children do not get to experience the use of it. I know I learnt the majority of my computer skills in primary school. It is very important to gain these skills from a young age. If ICT is not used it can also effect those kinaesthetic learners (those who find it hard to stay on topic for a long time). ICT is huge teaching tool for these types of learners as it helps them engage in what they are doing and keep them on topic. If ICT is not used these children could struggle to learn the content.

Bate, F. (2010) A bridge too far? Explaining beginning teachers’ use of ICT in Australian schools. Australasian Journal of Educational Technology, 26(7).


2 thoughts on “A bridge too far? Explaining beginning teachers’ use in Australian Schools

  1. I agree teachers should be better educated in ICT so that they can teach the students better, I do not however think it is only the older teachers who are struggling. Often new teachers struggle with the use of ICT in their classes as they focus so much on the teaching and not on the incorporation of ICT

  2. Your point that teachers need to be better educated in ICT is a good one. However sometimes it is on the teacher to research their field of expertise themselves so as to be able to teach their students better. Teachers should be able to tell what is working in a classroom and what isn’t, so if they find that using ICT competently in their lesson creates a better learning environment why not use your own time to become an expert in it? It will mean that when it gets to class time your time will go much easier in the classroom.
    It might me a good idea for schools to implement an ICT learning course for each of their teachers (without discriminating between the old and new teachers) so as to show all of them the benefits of teaching ICT in their classes.

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